We had a great trip to the interior of B.C. Not as much disc golf as an average Freeflow trip, but the party in Revelstoke more than made up for it. A field stuffed with beer drenched ball players can sure make for a good time.  It was one of those occasions where everything  just seemed to fall into place. We were feeling good on stage and the sold out crowd was ready for anything we could throw at them. Even when the venues’ power was blown,  Jay was there to play a 10 minute guitar solo/ uber guitar riff medley to keep the people screaming. It was quite impressive to say the least (He’s still new to Freeflow, but man he’s made an impact already!).  We’re looking forward to getting back as soon as possible. Thanks again Revelstoke.

For the rest of the summer we’ll be doing a lot of writing, rehearsing and playing some shows close to home. We’re also doing an artist-in-residency in September and October at a small club in Vancouver called Falconetti’s to do some “live” rehearsals for our new material.

Looking forward to what sounds Freeflow will make next.

Peace.    FF