Here we are, almost summer time. Being in the van without air conditioning isn’t all that pleasant.  But at least we know it’s hot out. Traveling to the B.C. interior is one of our favorite trips to make. We hit as many lakes and throw as many rounds of disc golf as we can. Sometimes we play a little too much(almost). Last time Ryan pulled a muscle in his left arm, but he throw’s with my right….. huh? Never quite figured that one out.

We’re heading back into the mountains in July. It’s been way too long since we’ve been to Kelowna(playing at Cush July 29th). A dip in the Okanagan will be a must…….rain or shine. Golden is always fun(Rockwater July 30th) plus there is the coolest disc golf course a couple minutes south of Golden called the Infinity sports ranch. 30+ holes of the most creative golf you’ll ever play. And then off to Revelstoke to eat BBQ and play bocce. Our show will be for the Revelstoke Glacier Challenge. 150+ music loving, party crazed softball teams. If you’ve ever been there you know what we mean.The next morning is never an easy one.

If you see us this summer on the course or in the water come say hi, especially if you’re a massage therapist…….we’ll probably need your help.

Cheers.      Freeflow.