It has been quite a ride. Although, I guess it’s not really over yet. We have a couple more days here to get everything finalized and handed in to the judging committee. And we don’t find out the results until January. But…….

The PEAK Performance Project has been a truly amazing experience. Everything from the bootcamp in September to the Showcases in October/November and all the extra work that’s been put in to get the challenges finished.  We’ve worked hard, met a lot of great people and had a s__t load of fun. And it will all continue. We are going to take this kick-in-the-butt we’ve received and make 2010 one wicked year.  Look forward to new music which is just being wrapped up, tour announcements(there’s one in particular that we’re pretty excited about!) , video’s and many other surprises….

It’s just beginning….

Cheers. Freeflow.